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What makes my new home 6 star (or more) energy efficient?

In 2010 the Queensland government applied a minimum 6 star energy efficiency rating to all new homes. They state that “a house’s energy efficiency (star rating) applies to the design of the ‘building shell’ – roof, walls, windows and floor. The building shell significantly influences the indoor comfort and energy efficiency performance of the dwelling”…. View Article

The home building process made simple.

Have you thought about building a new home and then thought ‘It’s all too hard to get what I want in a home’? Remember there are a few good reasons why people build a new home. They have a home that is personalised to them; they have a home that is built to the latest… View Article

Make the most of your block of land when building your new home

There is a variety of land available to build your new home in and around Cairns. So let’s make sure we build the right house for your land. Land sizes seem to be getting smaller but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great looking, practical home that suits the land and of course, your… View Article

Now is the best time to start building your new home

You may be one of the many people thinking about building your new home soon but are holding back and waiting for something to happen before you make that commitment. I always say that the best time to build is now! Developer’s costs are always increasing so land prices will continue to increase from the… View Article

Kick start your new home with $20k for first home owners

The Queensland Government has announced that the increased $20,000 Queensland First Home Owners Grant will not be extended past 30th July 2017. The grant is only available for first home seekers who are a building a new home up to a combined House and Land total of $750,000 so there’s an opportunity for you, or… View Article